Powerstroke 6.4 Tow/Haul Series

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In addition to every feature listed for our Street Series of engines our tow/haul series can include upgraded camshafts, HD pushrods, heavy duty springs, O-ringed cylinder heads and revised clearances to handle extreme duty applications. DFC can build a very durable and robust combination for your specific needs and all still backed with a 5 year 160,000km (100,000mi) parts and labor warranty. We are your top choice for superior Edmonton powerstroke diesel engines.



Contains all upgrades of the Street Series and can include;

  • Colt stage 2 camshaft
  • Hamilton HD pushrods
  • Cut piston bowls
  • Ceramic coated piston crowns and skirts

  • O-Ringed cylinder heads
  • Revised assembly clearances
  • ARP series 2000 head stud kit