Do Diesel Engines Have Spark Plugs?

January 23, 2023

Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines use glow plugs to help ignite the fuel. Learn how they differ from spark plugs and the pros and cons of each!

How Many Volts to Start a Diesel Engine

December 20, 2022

It’s winter time, and that may mean your battery is on its last legs. If you’re shopping for a new battery for your diesel, you may be wondering how many volts it takes to start a diesel engine.  Read our guide on everything you need to know about diesel batteries, and how many volts it… Read more »

How to Start a Diesel Truck in the Cold

November 17, 2022

It’s official, winter is here and that means our diesel trucks are out there in the cold. It’s important to start your diesel truck in the cold properly to avoid any damage. Cold temperatures can cause issues with engine oil, diesel fuel, ignition, and battery power.  Why are Diesel Engines Hard to Start in the… Read more »

Can You Run Kerosene in a Diesel Engine?

can you run kerosene in a diesel engine

October 21, 2022

There are many risks to consider before you run kerosene in your diesel. Read our blog to learn more about running kerosene in a diesel engine!

Do Diesel Engines Have Catalytic Converters?

September 21, 2022

Catalytic converters are something regularly spoken about in several circles; this is because catalytic converter theft is on the rise in Canada. If you’re wondering if your diesel engine has a catalytic converter, the short answer is, many do. Read our blog to learn more about your diesel’s catalytic converter! What is a Catalytic Converter?… Read more »