DFC Diesel


Founded in 2010 DFC Diesel Rebuilders was created to change the way you perceive remanufactured diesel performance engines. We set out to build the highest quality engines available, with the most comprehensive warranty in the business, while providing a cost effective option to purchasing an engine from the dealership. Our staff are hired for their skill sets but are employed because of their genuine interest in a quality diesel performance products and great customer service.

Any manufactured product is only as good as the people performing the work as that is what makes the difference when it comes to attention to detail that will produce repeatable quality time after time.


Highest quality product

Diesel engines will change materials, components and designs over time, but our unrelenting pursuit to offer the highest quality product will always evolve with current technology and continue to be a driving force to comparison companies in the future.


Canada’s largest diesel remanufacturing facility

As we have grown to be Canada’s largest diesel remanufacturing facility, our standards for quality have spread to other companies and forced them to adopt more rigorous control on their own rebuild criteria and increase warranty coverage to stay competitive. We are proud to bring this level of competition to the industry as it reinforces our goals of always having the highest quality engine on the market. While most companies can tell you what they do different, we consider that to be a secondary statement to the more important one of why they do it. We remanufacture diesel engines because our talented staff take pride in everything they do and enjoy applying their own creative energy to everything we do, a great product is just our reward.