Our trained assembly technicians take great pride with every engine they assemble. With backgrounds in automotive, performance and machining industries our technicians know the intimate workings of our diesel engines. Our build areas are filled with premium quality torque wrenches, micrometers and application specific installation tooling ensuring we have what it takes to provide an engine of unparalleled quality. By following assembly practices derived from the OEM techniques and inputting quality control measures acquired by remanufacturing these engines by the thousands, DFC delivers repeatable results with each engine we remanufacture. If you’re looking for the best engine rebuilder company in Edmonton, DFC is your number one choice.

We assemble our engines using clearances and techniques that ensures our customers are getting an engine built to outlast their truck, not just the warranty. All achieved torque values, clearances and measurements taken ensure we assemble our engines with precise, not acceptable specifications. Every engine has each component go through a final quality control checklist before assembly, all bolts are paint marked after torqueing and a build sheet with each engines recorded measurements filled out to ensure each engine is assembled to DFC strict standards of quality.