The DFC Team

Matt Adams Owner/President

The founder and owner of DFC Diesel, Matt started the company after years of building diesel engines as a subcontractor. His passion is finding unique ways to build engines more efficiently, and he takes great pride in the reputation DFC has earned in the industry for having quality products. Although he’s more of a thinker than a talker, Matt’s always ready to chat with customers about their needs, and he’s quick to dive into a failed engine to figure out what’s gone wrong. On the rare days he isn’t working, Matt can be found at a campsite or on a quad, enjoying Alberta’s beautiful landscapes.

Jason SzautnerSenior Engine Builder

For Jason, if it’s not diesel, it’s inferior! A self-described diesel junkie, he spends his days assembling engines, with a goal of putting together at least two full engines each day. Outgoing, energetic, and funny, Jason is the go-to guy when customers have a lot of questions that those with less experience aren’t able to answer. There’s nothing he doesn’t know about the engines he builds. Jason brought his experience to the DFC Diesel team in 2013. When he’s not here, he’s roaring around on an ATV or snowmobile or “wheeling” in his full-size mud truck.

Kyle BaileyCore Department / Disassembly

Kyle may be a man of few words, but he knows how to dismantle a diesel engine. As a racing enthusiast, he made taking engines apart a hobby long before he made a career out of it by joining our team in 2011. When customers come in with a problem, he tears the engine apart, qualifies the parts, and cleans and machines them so that the cause of the failure can be determined. Why diesel for Kyle? He loves the potential for getting the available horsepower and torque out of a diesel engine! Maybe it’s a love his young daughter will grow to share; at three, she already has Kyle’s passion for quadding and enjoys fixing stuff with Dad.