Warranty Info


Our comprehensive warranty is one of the best in the industry giving you 5 years and 160,000 km (100,000 mi) of coverage and is provided 100% by DFC and not a third party like some manufacturers. Some remanufacturers may offer similar lengths of warranty coverage, some are parts only and some offer unlimited mileage for their duration. With these in mind we at DFC like to be as fully transparent as possible with all of our valued customers which is why we clearly post our warranty online for anyone to read. As other companies may not post their warranty online or when asked a question about theirs, give generic replies, we wanted to give our customers some questions to ask when they are shopping around for an engine so they can be better informed on their final decision. We would also like to give some insight on why there are so many different warranties out there, as it will show you what there criteria may be like for their rebuilding process.


This type of warranty should concern buyers as with labor rates of shops being over $100/hr on average if you do have a problem the $1000.00 to $2000.00 you may save when purchasing can be exceeded on something as simple as a seal leak. This type of warranty should also make a person concerned on how many reused parts could have been used as if the engine burns oil or has unusual noises you will be on the hook for a full engine R&R and they may just fix the bare minimum with more used components again. These companies will usually also not rebuild engines that come with valve train components (rockers, pushrods, etc.) front or rear covers, front or rear main seals or oil pans, as this is yet another cost cutting measure and less items they don’t feel comfortable installing themselves for fear of a warranty. If a company cannot supply these items and stand behind them what else are they lacking in their rebuild.

DFC’s position is if they are remanufacturing a quality product why can’t they stand behind it for longer?


Questions should be asked and responses put in writing as to what constitutes a commercial vehicle as even a welding truck can fall under this category. With the average non -commercial person only putting 30,000km (20,000mi) a year on a vehicle that means the engine you bought was built to last at least 60,000km (40,000mi) on average without problem. These warranties typically only cover labor for the first year as well so make sure to ask how much the hourly rate will be paid out from that company and if it does in fact cover for both years.

DFC recommends asking to see a copy of the warranty before making a purchase and look into their remanufacturing process.


Having a company say there product is built to last this long is a good indication of quality. With this in mind there are several items one should still ask as this is where both the fine print and a company’s reputation comes into play. A lot of companies with this warranty will offer labor, but their labor rate is not clearly written anywhere. This can mean they may pay another shops labor if was $90.00/hr but not if was $150.00 so knowing what they will pay is important. These companies may also say they will cover labor but if the engine must be removed it has to be brought back to their shop, not acceptable if in another state or province.

DFC recommends searching online and asking for referrals for previous customers that have used that company’s product. Any company that does not clearly post their warranty on their website should be asked why.


With these items in mind we at DFC encourage all of our customers, whether they buy an engine from us or one of our competitors to please do their research before making a purchase. It is our goal to raise the quality standard both through our own relentless pursuit of excellence and from other remanufacturers having to change their own processes to stay competitive.

When sourcing out a remanufactured engine please refer to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to better inform yourself before making a purchase.