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DFC Diesel SOA Upgrade Series: Using patented and licenced Speed of Air Technology


Speed of Air Engine Technologies

The ONLY piston in the world that pays for itself*


DFC Diesel has partnered with Speed of AirTM to develop a game changer crate engine product for medium duty diesel applications. We have been independently testing over a dozen trucks across DODGE, FORD and CHEVY engine platforms and the results so far have been amazing! Increased fuel mileage, improved drivability/power, reduced operating costs, smoother running and reduced emissions!


What We’ve Observed


To the best of our ability we tested these trucks on a state of the art Mainline© Eddy Current Hub Dyno and utilized a Kane 5 gas analyzer on the dyno, and on road, to gather data. After baseline testing the engines are equipped with Speed of AirTM treated Hyperformance PistonsTM and Total Seal® Gapless ring sets. Our testing continues to indicate consistent, positive improvement. We continue to add trucks for testing.

Available in:

DFC Long Blocks, Street Series, Tow/Haul Series & Tow/Haul HD Series Engines


Calculate your savings by switching to DFC’s SoA Series:

Cost Inputs

Oil Change Interval

Baseline Costs for 500,000 km

  • $[] for [] litres of fuel
  • $[] in oil changes
  • $[] total


Revised Costs for 500,000 km

  • $[] for [] litres of fuel
  • $[] in oil changes
  • $[] total

Total Savings for 500,000 km