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DFC Diesel Featured on The Diesel Podcast

September 26, 2023

Looking to improve the performance of your diesel engine? We caught up with The Diesel Podcast this month to answer your questions about the Speed of Air Hyperformance Pistons. DFC Diesel is the first Canadian diesel engine remanufacturer to incorporate Speed of Air’s Hyperformance Pistons into our remanufactured engines.

We believe in the power of diesel engines and finding new ways to improve our customer’s driving experience. For the last two years, we have put the Speed of Air Hyperformance Pistons to the test on a variety of truck models. From replicating load capacity drives to everyday highway driving, our testing has revealed incredible results engine after engine.

Want to learn more? Check out The Diesel Podcast to find out more about how Speed of Air Hyperformance Pistons are improving power, performance, and fuel savings for diesel engines across the board. For more information about how you can save with the Speed of Air engine series, try our cost calculator!