6.6L LBZ Duramax Diesel Engines

DFC Diesel Rebuilders prides itself on being the highest quality product on the market. This is why we can back our engines with a 5-year 160,000km warranty that we stand behind.

The 2006 – 2007 6.6L Duramax diesel engines are legendary for their power, reliability, and rugged performance. Unlike newer models designed with strict emission control systems, the LBZ Duramax engine offers a pure driving experience, free from unnecessary constraints that can impact your fuel economy and reduce the lifespan. Made for medium to heavy-duty use, the LBZ Duramax features a thicker engine block casting, stronger connecting rods, and a higher-pressure common-rail fuel system design.

Our engines have been re-manufactured to factory specs using all new industry-recognized name-brand parts that meet and exceed OEM specifications. The block has been professionally machined and bored for use with the next over-sized piston NO SLEEVES ARE USED

All New OEM or equivalent pistons, rings, and gaskets are used to ensure the quality and consistency of our engines. Our Re-manufactured Cylinder Heads have all new seats, guides, valves, and stem seals, as well as being resurfaced and magnafluxed.

What is included in the LBZ Duramax Diesel Engine?

Short Block Engines include:

  • Front Cover with Seal
  • Rear Cover with main seal
  • Oil pan
  • All internal components
  • Complete gasket kit for installation
Long Block Engine Include:
  • Complete short block assembly and gaskets, plus cylinder head
  • All rockers/pushrods preset to factory specifications
  • Complete top end gasket set to finish installation.



All remanufactured engines are serviced with Rottler CNC machining, which guarantees high quality results.

To learn more about Rottler’s innovative, industry leading machines please visit: www.rottlermfg.com

Brands: Chev-GMC Duramax, DFC Diesel

Product Type: Engines

Years: 2006 - 2007